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Whey Protein Vanilla Flavor - Mannature

Whey Protein Vanilla Flavor - Mannature


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Whey Protein Vanilla Flavor - Mannature


High Way Soup and Chocolate

High Way Vanilla Scent Mix

Simple, high protein 115 Kcal to strengthen the muscles fast.

High Way Fit! Fully

- Milk drinks, protein, highway, vanilla flavors, collagen, high quality protein, low fat, high collagen, elastic joints, better digestible, easy to absorb body. To build muscle quickly. Strengthens the muscles. And help repair muscle loss while exercising. Hard work effectively.


- Did you know! Muscular man Breakdown - build all the time "Muscle mass" will mirror your health. The new research says that the health of the body is very related. The protein and energy we eat. It will help to repair the wear and tear every day. But you know that. Muscles in the body are decayed all the time.


- Protein or muscle in the body. At 3% -4% per day, there is a breakdown of the different sites, such as in the intestinal cell, which decomposes 30% -40% daily. 3 days and in muscular section. Most of the breakdown and rebuilding in 100 days (about 3 months).


Muscles, arms and legs are strong. Help to walk well. Live your life without missing a moment of happiness. Proper care of the food is important in creating a substitute muscle that breaks down every day. Because if we abandon. In short, the symptoms may not be noticeable. But in the long run, muscle mass is reduced. Some people may be thin. Limb muscles Or some very weighty people should not ignore it. It may have fat, but less muscle. The meat is liquid, not the juice. Long day will be tired. Fatigue Weak mussle

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