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Coconut Milk Tablet Durian Flavor (1 box) - Mannature

Coconut Milk Tablet Durian Flavor (1 box) - Mannature



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Coconut Milk Tablet Durian Flavor (1 box) - Mannature


Coconut Milk Tablet flavor

- Coconut milk pellets. The idea that the manufacturer wants to bring raw materials on coconut. This is the economic crop of Thailand to bring more benefits. At present in the market. "Coconut milk" as an alternative to health drink to drink more. But in the production of coconut milk pellets "milk pellets" are available in the market. No one is a manufacturer. The company has seen the development of this product. To support customers who want health care, especially people with cow's milk allergy. Or customers who like the aroma of coconut. And the general customers are invited to taste the three flavors that the company produced is the original flavor of Thai durian flavors.

- Coconut milk pellets. Made from pure coconut powder. Crushed with the smell. And taste to eat delicious. Suitable for snacks during the day. Free of cow's milk. Coconut milk usually contains high levels of lauric acid (48 - 53%), which helps to build the immune system. If you have eaten in addition to enjoy the taste of Thai food and also have good nutrition for your health.


Product Highlights

- Lactose intolerant lactose intolerant the sugar in the cow's milk.

- Soy milk allergy

- Do not eat meat (Vegetarianism)

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