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Coconut Cooking Oil (1000 ml) - Mannature

Coconut Cooking Oil (1000 ml) - Mannature



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Coconut Cooking Oil (1000 ml) - Mannature


- saturated fatty acids When the heat is not transformed into trans fat.

- Does not cause inflammation of the arteries, which causes the arteries to block. And heart disease.

- Coconut oil is the most common fatty acid and triglyceride chain in the world. It absorbs energy into the liver very quickly within 1-2 hours without remaining fat residue.

- Fast food. Without insulin. Unlike gaining nutrients from starch or glucose in sugar. It is suitable as a supplement to those with diabetes. And dementia.

- stimulating the thyroid gland Increases the rate of metabolism of the body.

- When the metabolic rate is higher. The bowel moves faster. Better digestion

- It also stimulates the production of T cells, so it is a very effective antiseptic. And if monolithin disinfects the intestines, it may need to be excreted as much.

Contains antioxidants in the form of vitamin E, phenolic and phthalocyanine.

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